Studio Art

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

The Studio Art degree will provide students with a focus in the visual and/or media arts, supported by the history of art, in the context of a liberal arts education. The program prepares students for both professional careers and/or graduate study in the visual and media arts. The combination of an intensive liberal arts background, proficiency in studio skills, exploration of content, and practical experience helps students investigate and integrate their knowledge and perspectives in today's increasingly complex and technologically changing world and provide for a successful career.

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  • Program Goals
  • Competencies
  • Promote students’ visual and conceptual development with exposure to a wide range of artistic ideologies, styles, and media.
  • Introduce artistic diversity in the visual arts by integrating both contemporary and historical perspectives in the training of the artist.
  • Engage students in activities that relate to the professional visual arts field including guest lecturers, exhibits, curatorial work, and community events.
  • Establish a learning environment in the studio art discipline that encourages cooperation and collaboration with the local community in the region and the state.
  • Provide students with a diverse choice of media, knowledgeable and experienced faculty, and well equipped facilities to foster technical and creative growth and development.
  • Prepare students for careers or graduate level studies in the arts.
  • Have well developed problem-solving, perceptual and communication skills.
  • Understand various artistic ideologies and styles.
  • Demonstrate competence in a variety of media.
  • Have the ability to develop a concept into a finished work of art.
  • Comprehend a basic understanding of significant art movements/achievements and artists in a global context.


Number of art majors engaged in the program at any one time
Open Doors
What are our graduates doing now?
Graduate Schools
Career Paths
  • Professional studio artist
  • Graphic or game designer
  • Animator
  • Arts leadership
    public education
Graduate Schools
Graduate Schools
  • Georgia State University
Graduate Schools
  • Town of Hilton Head Island
  • Scollon Mascots and Costume Characters
  • Children’s Museum, Bluffton 
  • Public education, teaching
  • Retail, graphics

Joyce Cheung
“All of my professors took such an interest in my personal development — that, combined with the real world experience I received, really helped me feel prepared to take on any challenge.”
Joyce Cheung
Biology Major, Class of 2017