Advising Tracks

USCB uses advising tracks (i.e., patterns) to identify a plan of studies within a major or a plan of studies that helps prepare a student for future graduate work. For example, term advising tracks are used to describe the pre-professional programs such as pre-engineering, pre-law and pre-health. The use of tracks within Nursing and Spanish are examples of plans of studies within majors.

Pre-Engineering Track

The Pre-Engineering Track establishes a pathway and a coordinated advising system in order to facilitate the transfer of USCB students into the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing (USC-CEC) engineering undergraduate degree programs. The Pre-Engineering Track is housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computational Science at USCB.

Pre-Law Track

Because law schools regularly accept students from a wide variety of majors, students may elect the pre-law track following their freshman year from any of USCB’s traditional majors. The pre-law track combines additional classes in philosophy, political science and legal history with the regular requirements of students' chosen majors in order to prepare students for the LSAT, the examination required by law schools. The program is enhanced by an optional internship program offering practical experience gained by working with members of the legal profession in the Lowcountry. USCB has designated pre-law advisors to help students plan for law school.  For more information on the Pre-Law Track, email

Pre-Health Tracks

The Health Professions Preparatory Track at USCB combines the requirements of an undergraduate degree with core science courses to prepare students with the knowledge and skill set required of competitive candidates for health professional graduate programs.

Featuring small classes and laboratory settings staffed by experienced, attentive faculty scholars, formal study is also enhanced by an on-site health professions advisor who assists each student with preparation for medical, dental, veterinary and pharmacy schools.  The pre-health track can also prepare students for professional programs such as physician assistant, physical therapy, and dental hygiene.

For more information about the Health Professions Preparatory Track, call 843-208-8108 or email


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Joyce Cheung
“All of my professors took such an interest in my personal development — that, combined with the real world experience I received, really helped me feel prepared to take on any challenge.”
Joyce Cheung
Biology Major, Class of 2017