Requirements to Complete a Philosophy Minor

PHIL B110 or B111 (which may also be taken to satisfy a General Education requirement). Two courses in the history of philosophy, one course in philosophical ethics or aesthetics, and two elective courses in philosophy at the 300+ level. Course Descriptions can be found here. 

A minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours specified by a discipline. At least half of these hours must be completed at USCB and the student must pass all courses completed for the minor with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Courses used to satisfy requirements for the minor may apply toward a student's general education or program requirements but cannot be applied toward the major. If a student elects more than one minor, these minors may not have any courses in common. Courses used to satisfy requirements for a minor that was conferred at least 5 years ago may apply towards a student’s general education requirements, program requirements, and major requirements.

Completion of a minor is not required for graduation.

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Joyce Cheung
“All of my professors took such an interest in my personal development — that, combined with the real world experience I received, really helped me feel prepared to take on any challenge.”
Joyce Cheung
Biology Major, Class of 2017