Bachelor of Arts in History

The History Program at USCB is dedicated to cultivating in its students a broad cultural and historical awareness and the ability to read carefully, think critically, and write effectively. The program encourages students to develop a broad perspective on the past alongside a deeper understanding of at least one particular period and set of issues.  By helping students to investigate, nurture and integrate their historical, philosophical, political, ideological, ethical and emotional responses to the world, the study of history helps students to become complete and well-rounded individuals. This is why the study of history has been central to Western education for well over two thousand years.

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  • Program Goals
  • Competencies
  • Produce graduates who read, think and write carefully, critically and creatively.
  • Produce graduates who know when, why and how to conduct historical research.
  • Produce graduates who are well-rounded and well prepared to contribute to their future work environments and society and to grow personally and professionally throughout their careers.
  • Provide a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in History.
  • Establish a learning environment in History that contributes to cooperation and collaboration with the regional community.
  • Be effective critical thinkers, analyzers and close readers of historical literature.  Students should be sensitive to argument and historical period.
  • Be strong writers, able to formulate a thesis, organize a complex idea, support it with appropriate evidence and render it in coherent, grammatical and properly punctuated written English.
  • Have a broad historical understanding of the development of several societies.
  • Understand the political, social, intellectual and aesthetic trends characteristic of major historical periods and major literary and artistic movements.
  • Know how to conduct historical research using primary sources.


Students majoring in History, the largest program in the Department of Humanities
All History majors undertake original research projects. With guidance, they produce an article-length scholarly essay.
Open Doors
What are our graduates doing now?
Graduate Schools
Career Paths
  • With Pre-Law Advising Track
    Practicing attorneys
  • Teachers in public and private institutions
  • Any one of several business fields
Graduate Schools
Graduate Schools
  • University of South Carolina School of Law
  • University of South Carolina Graduate SchoolGrad School 4
  • Mercer University School of Law
  • Gonzaga University School of Law
  • Savannah Law School
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Army Officer Candidate School
Graduate Schools
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Britax (USA)
  • Bluffton Police Department
  • Beaufort County Public School District

Joyce Cheung
“All of my professors took such an interest in my personal development — that, combined with the real world experience I received, really helped me feel prepared to take on any challenge.”
Joyce Cheung
Biology Major, Class of 2017